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How Can Culture Transform YOUR Community?

Back in the day, before there were televisions and computers, people would gather in the evenings and weekends.  Singing songs, dancing dances and participating was a normal experience.  Remembering these cultural traditions can bring our communities together…

These workshops are a wonderful way to create an energetic ambiance that encourages people to participate and  lift the spirits!







Workshops offered include:

Wooden Spoons: Learn to play the musical wooden spoons, hand-crafted in our wood shop!

Dancing Men: Learn to play the famous dancing men, hand-crafted in our wood shop!

Traditional French-Canadian Dance: Learn how to dance like the old-time pioneers to French-Canadian music. Line dance, circle dance, round dance & square dance lessons are offered based on Grade level and age-group.

Duration: Workshops are typically 30-45 minutes, but can be tailored to your events needs.

We’d love to bring our passion of French-Canadian culture to your next event!

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