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Workshops & Story of Canada Show

Perfect for larger schools, designed to give you the best of both worlds!

Invite Gilbert- Le Bûcheron, to immerse your students in French Canadian Culture the FUN way!

A perfect way to celebrate Carnaval & winter festivities, and to bring your classroom curriculum to life!


How Does It Work? 

French-Canadian Dance Workshops:

  • 6 Workshops– 30 minutes each; Groups of 50 students at a time are taught traditional French-Canadian dances and songs.
  • Dance style is tailored to each grade level, but may include: round dance, circle dance, line dance and square dance!

Stories of Canada Show (60 minutes):

  • At the end of the day, all students & staff gather together in the gym.
  • Students are showcased in the final Stories of Canada show, where they show off what they learned!
  • Learn Canada’s history through the perspective of voyageur, explorers and pioneers in the energetic and participatory final show. 










Full Day Program Details


  • All day!  (with breaks for recess and lunch)
  • See a sample schedule HERE

Language: Songs are in French, but the program can be delivered in French or English, based on student’s level of comprehension.

Audience size: Ideal for 200 students or less. For larger schools, see our Full Day Program. 

Grade Levels: 

  • Appropriate for all grade levels! 
  • Dance difficulty can be tailored for K- Grade 12

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