It’s been amazing.  This has been a very valuable experience for the students and myself.  We’ve all learned so much and had a lot a fun.  This enriched the students’ lives and education.  It was great to see a mix of music, history, French, culture and math!  Thanks so much!

-Mme Banks, Grade 1 Teacher

Highwood French Immersion School, Calgary, AB

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How to describe this special day with Les Bucherons? Magic! They made a footprint in our school culture where French Immersion students, along with English students, discovered the excitement of French Canadian traditions. It was a day jam-packed with songs, dramatization, square dancing, line dancing and spoon clacking, all while learning about the early settlers of the New World.

To top all this, students got a taste of la tire sur la neige, using all five of their senses to enjoy and learn about French Canadian culture.

In the evening, we were delighted to share with parents all that we had learned during the day. A fantastic day!!!

-Mayland Heights teaching staff

Calgary, AB










We will all remember this week for a long long time. The children loved learning about French Canadian history and singing all the songs. It was an excellent experience and I could see that the parents were well impressed at all the students accomplished during a mere week of preparation. Thank you for all of your hard work with our students.

-Mme Wallace, Grade 3 Teacher, Calgary AB

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