Benefits for Your Students

Experiential Learning Benefits Your Students! Here’s How…

Teachers and principals all agree that an excellent way to improve life-long learning for students is active engagement. There is no better way to remember Canadian history than by living and experiencing it. Take the story out of the book and bring it to life!

How Gilbert, Le Bûcheron, will bring value to your classroom:

  • Curriculum-oriented material relevant to multiple subjects: French, Music, Social Studies and Physical Education
  • Encourages students to understand the traditions and cultural diversity that renders Canada a truly unique country
  • Helps to build your students’ awareness and appreciation for French-Canadian culture, music, folklore and values
  • Development of student self-esteem as they perform, speak, dance, and participate as artists and musicians
  • Team work as students learn the dances and need to work together to bring the dance to life
  • Most importantly, a FUN and energetic learning atmosphere!