Avant Que J’oublie – Online Program

Transforming Your Classroom Through Cultural Restoration

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Let “Avant Que J’oublie” help you…

  • Be the kind of teacher your students will fondly remember
  • Build community in your classroom
  • Restore culture
  • Enhance curriculum
  • Build confidence in yourself
  • Build confidence in your students
  • Turn language learning into an adventure
  • Restore etiquette
  • Show your students how to pass on oral tradition
  • Be motivated and inspired as an educator
  • Truly engage interest in learning

Revitalize your passion for teaching

Online program includes over 70 videos teaching :

  • 20 songs in the call and response tradition
  • 12 community dances
  • Wooden spoons rhythm patterns for each song
  • Video results of song, dance and spoons in Celebration
  • Strategy videos on technique and tricks of the trade
  • Downloadable PDF’s of lyrics and standard music notation
  • Downloadable mp3’s of music (vocals and rhythm tracks)
  • Online community and forum.

“I just decided to jump into it with my students and we’ve never had so much fun before.”

~ Rachelle Cyr, Mary Butterworth School, Edmonton, Alberta

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