French language development through cultural restoration using The Cultural Wheel teaching method.

Les Bûcherons is excited to present our online resource, Avant Que J’oublie portal empowering teachers to transform their school by sharing traditional French-Canadian culture using songs, stories and dances. Teach and prepare your students in advance of having us do a residency program by learning the songs with over 100 instructional and final results videos delivered right on your PC, laptop or mobile device through our convenient on-line portal.

The Avant que j\’oublie portal is broken down into the 3 historical categories; EXPLORERS, PIONEERS and VOYAGEURS, and then further into the 4 quadrants of The Cultural Wheel facilitation method.

Purchase individual tracks, one or more historical category (4 tracks each) or the full portal of all 12 tracks. Log into your account anytime, 24/7 to view and/or show your students and then have them sing-along to the lyrics on our karaoke vocal and instrumental videos and audio tracks.