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Meet a couple of real Voyageurs and help them get ready for a great adventure.  What do they need to bring? How do they prepare themselves? Paddle into the great Canadian wilderness in a birch bark canoe and trade furs with a native elder. Learn about outdoor survival and discover how maple sugar was found.  Head back the fort for a “Rendez Vous” to take part in some traditional festivities.  This is where you learn to play the spoons, wooden dancing men, line dancing and square dancing. Everyone takes part in this great celebration of life.  Les Bucherons create a memorable experience that shares Canadian history and French Canadian culture.


  1. Carmen

    Bonjour! I was wondering how much it costs for Les Bucherons to do a presentation at out elementary school in Edmonton?


  2. info@lesbucherons.com

    Bonjour Carmen,
    I want to thank you, for having taken the time to write to us on our website. I have tried to contac t you trough your email, but the server is not working, that is why I answering you through our website. Thank you for your understanding.

    Les Bûcherons offer different packages based on your individual needs with varying prices. In order to quote you, I will need to have a better idea of the services that you require i.e. half day, full day, maple syrup or evening performance…

    Can you please tell me where or how you heard of Les Bûcherons, it is always a pleasure to know which advertising or person we should reward. Thank you! I also need to know what date you are looking to have Les Bûcherons come to your school, please let me know.

    Bianka Grenier
    Office Manager

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