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In 2006 we launched our one day residency program, and it was so successful that we want to
share some specific details about the ultimate experience.

How to describe this special day with Les Bucherons? Magic! They made a
footprint in our school culture where French Immersion students, along with English
students, discovered the excitement of French Canadian traditions. It was a day jam-packed
with songs, dramatization, square dancing, line dancing, little wooden man dancing and spoon
clacking, all while learning about the early settlers of the New World. To top all this,
students got a taste of la tire sur la neige, using all five of their senses to enjoy and
learn about French Canadian culture. In the evening, we were delighted to share with parents
all that we had learned during the day. A fantastic day!!!

Mayland Heights teaching staff
(403-777-6290, Calgary)

Rendez-Vous allows all the students the opportunity to take part in a workshop
tailored for their grade level. It also allows the artists to work very closely with the
students. Some of the benefits of Rendez-Vous are that the students:

  • must concentrate and be part of accelerated learning and experiential education.
  • experience teamwork and connect with their peers.
  • are featured in the assembly/show. This will boost self-esteem and gives them a
    memorable event for the school year.

The One Day Residency Program is effective in getting the students to participate
and walk away with a skill, a success, a memory and an open attitude towards
cultural activities and participation in general.


Different grades respond best to different activities. We recommend the following workshops
for each grade:

Grades Program Description
Kindergarten Simple Dance

The basics of square dancing.

1 and 2 Spoons 8 rhythm patterns, routine and voyageur song.
3 and 4 Line Dance Includes jigging/step dance and singing.
5 Dancing Men Animate dancing man, play with French Canadian medley.
6 and up Square Dance

Minimum of 8 different moves.


A 1 day residency has a base price of $2195. If there are more than 350 students in the
school, we need to do a 2 day program for $2995 or limit the residency to a few less

The following options are available:

Educational Resources

  • Adult sashes for teachers. Women’s sashes are $15 and men’s are $20.
  • Class set of spoons. 15 pairs for $150; extra pairs cost $10 each.
  • Dancing men. $10 each.
  • CDs of traditional French Canadian music. $15 to $20 each.

Maple Sugar on Ice

The maple sugar event incorporates a Q&A session with the students about maple sugar,
geography and practicing there ability to speak French.

Maple Sugar on Ice is $450 plus $1.65 per student.

Evening Concert

Les Bûcherons will lead the children in a concert for parents and other members of the
community. We have a variety of songs suited to any occasion. Please check out the lyrics to a few of
the songs that we regularly perform.

An evening concert is $500.


Contact Us to book an unforgettable Rendez-Vous

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  1. katie franczak

    The Rendez-Vous program was wonderful. Our group included children from grades 1-6 and all of them thrived in the program. The program was interactive, hands-on and brought Canadian history to life! This program is an important complement to any Canadian studies, at any grade level.

    Katie Franczak – Phoenix Foundation – Calgary, AB

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