Native American Flutes Workshop



This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to bring the culture and tradition of  the  First Nations into your  workshop.  While taking part in an assembly procedure, drilling holes, gluing pieces, fastening strapping, students bond with their instrument and are ready to learn some basic musical technique and theory that suits the Native American Flute.


         A complete and successful assembly of a Northern Spirit Flute and a basic skill development of playing technique and musical theory based on the pentatonic scale

Student involvement

         All students will participate however some students will have a greater aptitude at making music with the flutes

Exposure and Engagement in the workshop process

Learning by doing is an effective tool and has a lasting effect on the learning mind.  By constructing the instrument first, a bond is developed which creates a more focused learning musical experience experience.

April 12 -15, 2010 was the launch of the first Native American Flute workshop.  Currently, Gord Oaks and I are facilitating another 5 day residency at Callingwood school and doing the Native American Flute workshop again. It’s really an awesome time, the kids just love it and there’s an exitement and anticipation in the air.

April 26 – 30, 2010, Batallion Park school assembled 30 flutes and performed “Mary had a little lamb” and the “A minor pentatonic scale”

The flutes are supplied to us by Rich Dubé at

Individual flutes can be ordered from Les Bûcherons or Northern Spirit Flutes.

Part 1 of 7 Intro, Parts & Tools

Part 2 of 7 Gluing the Roost

Part 3 of 7 Drilling the Holes

Part 4 of 7 Cleaning the Holes

Part 5 of 7 Assembling & Inserting the Plugs

Part 6 of 7 Inserting the Mouthpiece

Part 7 of 7 Attaching the Roost


  1. Colleen

    Ian invited me to teach a Maypole workshop during the grade 3 class, and then I stuck around for the Native American flute workshop to see how it goes. I was able to see how the process works by helping a student catch up in the process, and was impressed by how taken the students were with their instruments. The students left the gym improvising some really lovely-sounding music!

    Colleen Moore-Kilgannon
    Music Teacher
    Mill Creek and Riverdale Schools

  2. makayla fletcher

    It was a lot of fun learning how to play the flute it was fun being in grade 6 it was fun to do. Our school is going to continue it.

  3. Jeannine Cloutier

    What a wonderful workshop. The grade 4 students were so taken by the whole production. A little history, the construction, then the playing of the flutes. The students enjoyed it all. They couldn’t wait to play their very own instruments that they had built themselves. Ian and Gord took their time to see each student to ensure each instrument was in working order. I must say that the teacher’s found this to be a very educational and fun workshop as well. The flutes will serve as a tool in different subject areas in our everyday classroom. This is a workshop that we will use again next year. Thank you to the instructors. À la prochaine!
    Jeannine Cloutier
    École Holy Cross

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