1. “The Great Canadian Square Dance”

2. “Joie de Vivre”- Spoons and French Folk song

3. “Bonhomme Bonhomme” – Wooden dancing men assembly

4. “Sais tu danser?” round dances & line dances

5.   Native American Flutes (NAF)

6. “Children of the Fur trade” – Story and Play

7. “The Relay race across Canada”- from Jacques Cartier to David Thompson

8.  Successful grant writing – (AFA)

10. School carnivals and festivals


1. “The Great Canadian Square Dance”

Description:          Demonstrating the value of square dancing and encouraging teachers to start a tradition in their school by learning a system, using resources and calling the dances themselves

Grades:                  3 – 12

Subject Areas:      Music, French, Phys Ed


2. “Joie de Vivre”- Spoons and French Folk song


Description:          Learning 8 rhythm patterns that fit the beat and melody to 6 classic French Canadian folk songs.  This includes the handouts on the rhythm patterns, musical standard notation and lyrics.

Grades:                  K – 12

Subject Areas:      Music, French, Social Studies

3. “Bonhomme Bonhomme” – Wooden dancing men assembly


Description:          Assembly of a wooden dancing doll focuses on kinaesthetic development and concentration for assembly of pined joints and fastening screws with screwdrivers. Once assembled, vocabulary development of body parts and clothing articles can be done in French. The dancing man can also be used as a percussion instrument where songs can be learned and arrangements developed.

Grades:                  3 – 7

Subject Areas:      French, Music

4. “Sais tu danser?” round dances & line dances

Description:          Community development where dance partners change on every round, French call and Response lyrics are also used for singing while dancing.

Grades:                  K-12

Subject Areas:      French, Music

5.   Native American Flutes (NAF)    – Janina Carlstad


Description:          5 step assemble of a plastic Native American flute, introductory

Discussion of the “Wheel of Life”, study of basic major scale (Mary had a little lamb), study of the minor pentatonic school (introduction to improvisation)

Grades:                  4 -12

Subject Areas:      Native, Social Studies, Music

6. “Children of the Fur trade” – Story and Play

Description:          A basic play that covers the traditions of the French and the traditions of the First Nations resulting in “The Children of the Fur trade” – a first look at the Métis people

Grades:                  2 – 6

Subject Areas:      Social Studies, Drama, French

7. “The Relay race across Canada”- from Jacques Cartier to David Thompson


Description:          The Northwest passage can be likened to a relay race across Canada where each explorer penetrated further east across Canada until somebody finally reached the Pacific Ocean over land.

A brief study of Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Henry Kelsey, Pierre La Verendrye, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson.

Grades:                  Grade 3 – 12

Subject Areas:      Social Studies

8. Successful grant writing – (AFA)


Description: What it is?

Who is eligible?

The process for applying?

The deadline?

The amount you could receive?

A mock application by a successful applicant this year?

Grades:                  Teachers only

Subject Areas:                      Administration

10. School carnivals and festivals


Description:          To share ideas and encourage a collaborative document and manual on how to put on a successful 1 day winter carnival at your school

Grades:                  Teachers

Subject Areas:      Admin

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