Log Driver’s Waltz

The Log Driver’s Waltz

Wade Hemsworth

(Track 11)

1.    If you ask any girl from the parish around

What pleases her most from her head to her toes

She’ll say, “I’m not sure if it’s business of yours

But I do love to waltz with the log driver.”

For he goes burling down, and down the white water

That’s where the log driver learns to step lightly

Burling down, and down the white water

The log driver’s waltz pleases girls completely.

2.    When the drives nearly over they like to go down

And watch all the lads as they work on the river

When evening comes round, they’ll all be in town

And they all want to waltz with their log driver.

3.    To please both her parents she has to give way

And dance with the doctors and lawyers and teachers

Their manner’s are fine but their feet are like clay

There’s none with the style of her log driver

4.    Now she’s had her chances with all sorts of men

But none with the style of her man on the river

So if he comes round and asks her again

She’s sure that she’ll marry her log driver

La Valse du draveur

1. Si tu demandes aux filles de la paroisse autour

Ce qu’elles aiment le mieux de sa tête à ses orteils

Elles diront, « j’pas sûre si c’est d’tes affaires,

Mais j’aime bien valser avec le draveur ».

Car il tourne en rond, en rond sur l’eau blanche

C’est là qu’le draveur apprend sa gigue

Il tourne en rond, en rond sur l’eau blanche

La valse du draveur plaît aux filles complètement

2. Quand la drave se termine, on aime descendre

Regarder les gars travailler sur la rivière

On sait que le soir en ville, ils se rendront

On aime bien valser avec le draveur.

3. Pour plaire aux parents, elles doivent consentir

De prendre l’avocat, le docteur ou le marchand.

Leurs manières sont fines mais leurs pieds de béton

Y’en a pas qui danse comme le draveur.

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