Complete immersion – 2 to 5 Day Residency with Gilbert Le Bûcherons

The Artists in Residency Program is a dynamic educational and self-discovery experience including:

Kindergarden – Sur le pont (dance/play)

Grade 1/2 – J’entend Le Moulin (Song, Dance and Spoons)

Grade 1/2 – J’ai perdu le dos (Song, Dance and Spoons)

Grade 2 – A St Malo (Song Dance and Spoons)

Grade 2 – The Logdriver’s waltz (song and dance)

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Grade 3 – La Destinee la rose au bois (Song, Dance and Spoons)

Grade 4 – En roulant ma boule (Song, Dance and Spoons)

Grade 5 – Festin de Campagne (Song, Dance and Spoons)

Grade 6-12 – Aupres de ma blonde (Song, Dance and Spoons)


The program ends with the students performing their work and showing their unique talents in a final concert for the community.



Comments from:

Highwood French Immersion School, Calgary, AB.:   Nov. 1-6, 2010-11-06

Grade 1, Mme Banks

It’s been amazing.  This has been a very valuable experience for the students and myself.  We’ve all learned so much and had a lot a fun.  This enriched the students’ lives and education.  It was great to see a mix of music, history, French, culture and math!  Thanks so much!

Grade 2, Mme Alexandra

A great experience for the children. They got to use French outside of their regular class activites. Singing and dancing your way through curriculum . And we can’t forget the maple syrup lollipop.

Grade 3, Mme. Wallace

We will all remember this week for a long long time. The children loved learning about French Canadian history and signing all the songs. It was an excellent experience and I could see that the parents were well impressed at all the students accomplished during a mere week of preparation. Thank you for all of your hard work with our students.

Grade   4/5, Mme Janet

It’s been a great week.  Thank you so much.  It has truly been a week that the class will remember for a very long time.  Thank you for making the French Canadian culture come alive for our students.

Grade 4/5, Mme Courtney

Thank you very much for such a great experience.  The students truly enjoyed the ‘dancing men’ project as well as all of your great music!  The spoons workshop was fantastic!  We are grateful to have had you here this week to enrich the lives of our whole school community.

Grade 6,  Mme. Dorota Smith  ;

I have 20 wonderful and smart students. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm!! We had a really great time working with Ian and Gord. Students built their flutes and learned to play them in 3 days!! On the 4th day we did a performance (two flute pieces!) Students have also learned square dancing and performed for the parents. Parents loved it!!

It was a best residency ever! Thanks Les Bucherons.

Log Driver’s Waltz

The Log Driver’s Waltz Wade Hemsworth (Track 11) 1.    If you ask any girl from the parish around What pleases her most from her head to her toes She’ll say, “I’m not sure if it’s business of yours But I do love to waltz with the log driver.” For he goes burling down, and down …

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