Meet Gilbert Parent, Le Bûcheron

Gilbert ParentOur Founder

Gilbert Parent is a native French-Canadian from the Peace River, Northern Alberta area. He has a Bachelor of Education from the Faculté St-Jean (University of Alberta) and taught to the little for the Edmonton Separate School system. In 1982, Gilbert Parent, decided that it was time to create an organisation that would provide this experiential learning for students, hence Les Bûcherons Inc. was born.

His passion for traditional French Canadian Culture and Native American Culture pushed him to develop a curriculum based program which encompasses many subject areas – social studies, physical education, music, the art of public speaking, self esteem and Traditional French Culture. Imagine the depth of this learning while having FUN!

He began his career as a singer with La Gigue Electric and danced with Les Blés d’or and Les Danseurs de la Rivière Rouge, before forming the Edmonton jig group La Girandole.

Gilbert is passionate for music and loves to play traditional music with his guitar, accordion, musical saw, spoons and various percussive instruments. His creative compositions have earned him a $1,200 prize during the Saint-John Baptist Festival in Red Deer and a $1,500 award at Festival du Bois in British Columbia.

Gilbert encourages students to understand the traditions and cultural diversity that render Canada a truly unique country. The active performance helps to build the children’s awareness and appreciation for Canadian culture, music, folklore and values. In addition, students’ self-esteem is built up as performers, public speakers, artists, dancers and musicians just to name a few. It is a way of presenting an art form that lingers for a lifetime.