History of Canada

30,000 BCE

Aboriginals arrive on North American by travelling across a land bridge of the Bering Strait.

1000 CE

Leif Ericsson and other Vikings visit Newfoundland and Labrador.

1497 CE

John Cabot claims Cape Breton Island for Henry VII of England.

1498 CE

Cabot makes his second voyage to North America.

1534 CE

French explorer, Cartier’s first voyage.  He met a Native Chief called Donnacona.

1535-36 CE

Cartier’s second voyage.

1541 CE

Cartier’s third voyage.

1577 CE

Martin Frobisher of England makes the first of three attempts to find the northwest passage,
sailing as far as Hudson Strait.

1608 CE

Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec City.

1663 CE

Quebec becomes a royal province.

1666 CE

Canada’s first census counts 3215 non-native inhabitants in 668 families.

1670 CE

The Hudson’s Bay Company is formed and granted trade rights over all territory draining into Hudson

1701 CE

The beginning of the collapse of New France.

1752 CE

March 23 issue of the Halifax Gazette, first newspaper in what would become Canada.

1753 CE

General George Washington’s military expedition to the Monogahela is defeated by the French.

1759 CE

General Wolfe takes Quebec, defeating Montcalm o the Plains of Abraham. Both are killed.

1763 CE

France cedes its North American posessions to Britain by the Treaty of Paris.

1791 CE

The Constitution Act divides Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada.

1857 CE

Ottawa chosen by Queen Victoria as the capital of the united colony of Canada.

1867 CE

Canada becomes a sovereign nation by an act of the British Parliament.

1875 CE

The Supreme Court of Canada is established.

1897 CE

Klondike gold rush.

1898 CE

Yukon becomes a territory.

1905 CE

Alberta becomes a province.

1905 CE

Saskatchewan becomes a province.

1916 CE

Manitoba women become first women in Canada to vote.

1917 CE

Halifax harbour explosion.

1918 CE

Canadian women over 21 gain right to vote federally.

1949 CE

Newfoundland becomes a province.

1960 CE

Canadian Bill of Rights.

1965 CE

Canada adopts maple leaf flag.

1982 CE

New constitution for Canada, including the Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Canada is free.

1999 CE

Nunavut becomes a territory.

2003 CE

Canada wins world hockey title.

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