Rhea’s workshops

Sit Spotting

Have you ever wanted to write a song but somehow the words just won’t come?

In this session we will explore creative ways to find inspiration.  We’ll use the beauty of our surroundings at Cabine Soleil to channel our creative flow and encourage lyrics by putting pen to paper.

Feeling Groovy

In this fun and interactive session we will learn how to forget about everything else and just find the groove.   Words and melody are the body of the song but GROOVE is the soul.  The groove is what carries the melody and embeds a song in your heart.

When you allow yourself to feel the groove, you become part of the music.  From there, the song will write itself.

Hit Spotting AKA: The Anatomy of a Song (The intro, the extro and everything in between)

So, what makes for a hit song?  We’ll explore the fundamentals of formula writing and how you can use tried and true approaches to compose an original hit song.

We’ll also examine the components of a song (verse, chorus, bridge, etc) and learn how using these elements in the right places can help our writing.

Guidelines are helpful but some of the best songs ever written came from composers who chose to break all the ‘rules’.  In this session, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

Sing like you don’t need the money!

We’ve got the song, we’ve got the melody, but now we have to sing it.  For many of us, this is the deal breaker because we’re afraid we won’t sound good.   In this session, we’ll learn that singing is never about being the best voice in the room – it’s about being authentic.  Once you discover how to access your authentic voice, you free yourself from fear of being judged.

It’s just like the song says, “You’ve got to SING like you don’t need the money – LOVE like you’ll never get hurt  and DANCE like nobody’s watching.  It’s got to COME FROM THE HEART if you want it to work!”

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