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The Instructors for the July 30 – Aug 3 , 2013 Lumberjack Music Camp

TRACK 1: Banjo

Ian Porteous has been playing Bluegrass and Old time Music for almost 20 years. He’s been to music camps almost every summer and believes the best way to learn is to play with others and to immerse yourself.  He has developed a Foundation Music Coaching System that works on most stringed instruments in the Bluegrass and Old time style.  If you’re ready for a blast of enthusiasm and effective teaching concepts and strategies, you’re ready for the Lumberjack Music Camp.  This year the theme of the camp is:

-CANADIANA – Classic Canadian Folk songs

-Breaking down of 5 or 6 songs from the 12 song program

-Kick offs, endings, timing and tone.


TRACK 2: Old-Time Fiddle



Track 3: Guitar


Rhea’s workshops

Sit Spotting Have you ever wanted to write a song but somehow the words just won’t come? In this session we will explore creative ways to find inspiration.  We’ll use the beauty of our surroundings at Cabine Soleil to channel our creative flow and encourage lyrics by putting pen to paper. Feeling Groovy In this fun and interactive session …

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  1. David Kaminski

    The instructors were patient and fun. I learned stuff that I will use in my songwriting. I really enjoyed this camp!

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