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The Lumberjack Music Camp is a 5 day intensive workshop for people who play or wish to play Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle. It is a chance to deepen our experience with the foundation of folk music.

Players of all levels of experience are welcome! However, we are encouraging people who have never played before to get off to a strong start in an encouraging, supportive environment. Even those who do not own an instrument are encouraged to visit Myhre’s Music and get set up with a rental before arriving.

Workshop sessions throughout the week focus on building confidence playing the basics at many levels, topics include:

  1. Starters: single note progressions and basic melodies
  2. Beginner : Chord progressions and rhythm patterns
  3. Intermediate: Bass runs and fills using dynamics
  4. Advanced: Melodies and Carter family style rhythm


We believe that musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone. There are no “unmusical” people – just people with more or less musical experience.

We also believe that participants learn the most when they are actually playing the most. Participants will be playing most of the time! You will get an opportunity to play solo and in ensembles in many settings, and work with encouraging and supporting facilitators. The afternoon workshops are fun and allow you to rest your fingers for a while, learn to squaredance, sing harmony and take part in other enjoyable musical workshops.

Regardless of your current level of experience, if you want to bring your picking, strumming and singing, songwriting and performance to a new level, this is the workshop to attend!

Location and dates

The camp takes place in the unparalleled beauty of Cabine Soleil (click for map), 15 min east of Sherwood Park on Cooking Lake. The Lumberjack Music Camp runs from the afternoon of Sunday, July 28, 2013 through Friday Aug 2. 2013 at noon.

More Information and Registration

Please call Bianca at (780) 922-6000 or Ian at (780) 996-8520

register online at www.lesbucherons.com/camp

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  1. Denise Michaud

    I loved the Lumberjack music camp it was a great experience. I got to learn form some professional players and to play with fellow students of different ages and levels. The food and the sense of family was very relaxing. I would recommend the camp to everyone who wishes to learn and improve their skills and a chance to play with others

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