MUSIC CAMP  July 30 – Aug 3, 2014





THE LOCATION of this camp is tat Cabine Soleil, a gorgeous property on 17 acres, 15 km east of Sherwood Park offering wonderful Private, Dorm and Camping accommodation.

Camp Background and Philosophy


Full Week Lumberjack Music Camp Registration


A typical day includes…

MORNING INSTRUCTION involves 2 different tracks for you to choose from:




DAY 1 (July 31)

Tuning, Singing, Chord progressions (1,4,5 rule), Transposing, Using the Capo, Straps

DAY 2 (Aug 1)

How to sing Harmony, Pentamania; Unlocking the Mystery of the Pentatonic Scale

DAY 3 (Aug 2)

Kickoffs and Endings, Jamming Etiquette, How to Practice, Rhythmic Techniques and Melodic Fingering

DAY 4 (Aug 3)  check out at noon

“Performance Matters” and “Live Music Makeovers”


Thur July 31:   TBA

Fri Aug 1:     Open House Old Time Fiddle Jam

Sat Aug 2: Student Performances  at 7pm. Guests are welcome to attend and enjoy these special performances


Be sure to invite your friends and family!


Background The Lumberjack Music Camp is a 5 day intensive workshop for people who play or wish to play Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle. It is a chance to deepen our experience with the foundation of folk music. Players of all levels of experience are welcome! However, we are encouraging people who have never played before to …

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The Instructors for the July 30 – Aug 3 , 2013 Lumberjack Music Camp TRACK 1: Banjo Ian Porteous has been playing Bluegrass and Old time Music for almost 20 years. He’s been to music camps almost every summer and believes the best way to learn is to play with others and to immerse yourself.  …

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CHECK IN will be at 5pm on July 30, 2013 at Cabine Soleil (click for directions) ACCOMMODATION & MEAL OPTIONS (payment can be made on arrival) for those who are staying all 4 nights (call Estelle at 780 922 1159 for more info on modified accommodations and meal plans or email at Accommodation fees are …

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  1. Monroe Kinloch

    The 2010 Lumberjacks Music Camp was a great success for an intimate group of 12 students. Ian Porteous quickly developed a great method to handle the banjo, fiddle and guitar students both together and individually and with personal instruction time. The visiting band concerts gave great inspiration to the students. Should be even better next year.

    Monroe Kinlock

  2. Bianka Grenier

    Thank you so much for attending the camp, Monroe, your added resources, including the book and CD box set on the “64 fiddle tunes commonly played in Alberta” was great, it’s an excellent way to introduce the fiddle at camps. You’re an excellent representative for the “Alberta Society for Fiddlers”. Hope to see you out again next year!

  3. Jeannine Cloutier

    My thoughts of music camp…

    Lumberjack Music Camp 2010 – my very first music camp – was an incredible experience. One I shall forever cherish.

    I, having no musical background what-so-ever, but loving the sounds and the way my insides feel at the sound of the fiddle, the banjo or the guitar, know this is something special. It’s toe-tapping, smile making, hear warming. It’s simply contagious. if down home bluegrass music is contagious then Ian Porteous is infectious. He has a sincere passion and love for the music. It’s obvious that he would like to share this passion with others.

    I first met Ian at our school when he performed a concert for our students. I was so taken by his deliverance of the music and songs. You just couldn’t help but join in happily. It was then that my own interest began. I asked Ian where I could learn to play the fiddle like him. This is when I first found out about “The Lumberjack Music Camp”, a five day camp where you are totally in music – how perfect. Having no experience in music and being somewhat nervous – downright terrified actually – day one of camp arrived and the rest is history.

    This music camp has exceeded every expectation i ever had. I have learned to play the fiddle. I will leave here with a repertoire of songs to play for my family, new friends to communicate with and a new love fro music.

    “Cabine Soleil” is such a beautiful, peaceful, spirit filled place. It’s the perfect location. Ian Porteous has a way of passing on a love of music to his students. He teaches the songs but the music “pours” out of him. Being immersed for five days really forces a person to learn. It becomes natural. I have learned more in five days then I would ever have in 5 months or more.

    I left camp exited about what I’d done and grateful for the learning opportunity. I truly believe that anyone can come to camp and go away with something. I’m exited to that “The Lumberjack Music Camp” will be around again next year. I expect a growth in numbers over the years. Those who come will not be disappointed. Music does put a smile in your heart.

    This camp made music possible for someone like me – there are more like me out there that are ready for a music camp like this one. Thank you and see you next year.

    Merci Beaucoup!

    Jeannine Cloutier

  4. Bianka Grenier

    Hello! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed camp last week. I didn’t even fully appreciate how great all you instructors were, especially with all the different ages, levels, and interests in learning, until after the fact! And being able to play with so many different people and instruments was a really great experience. I played my violin for a wedding just this Saturday, and even though it wasn’t bluegrass music, I felt more capable and relaxed about it than I have ever felt when performing/playing for someone, and I really think it’s thanks to what I learned at camp! I am definitely hoping to come back next year!


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