May 03


Our day with Les Bucherons was wonderful.  All the classes really enjoyed

their workshops and the School-wide show was excellent.  I was very
impressed by how the Grade 3 and 5 classes learned the line dance and
circle dances in such a short amount of time. One Grade 5 student told me
he thought participating in the workshop and performing the Circle Dance
was one of the best days in his life!  Thank you for the wonderful day
full of learning and performing.  ~ Evergreen Elementary School ~




  1. Al Zelant says:

    I was subbing this week at Callingwood school, and I was very fortunate to have been here during the week of Les Bucherons. In those few short days, I was amazed at how quickly their program was put together which was able to be presented so successfully to the parents on Thursday evening. I was quite impressed at the diversity of the presentations, and how much the students enjoyed putting this together.
    Having been in the school system for many years, I know how difficult it is to come into a school and develop and implement a program within a short time frame. The students always had a smile on their face and enjoyed the whole week immensely. Also, Gord and Ian’s contact with the students was very professional, and they developed a very warm rapport with them. It appeared that much thought and organization was obviously put into this week well before arriving at the school. The reason I mention this is that the curriculum of our school system was at the forefront, thus making this event even more successful, fun, interesting and most enjoyable. I would just like to give a high commendation to both Ian and Gord for the tremendous work which I observed this week.


  2. Lynn says:

    When Les Bucherons came to our school, an immediate relationship was formed and what was intended to be a theatre event for our students, became a cultural experience, that also addressed French, Language Arts, and Social studies. Our involvement with Les Bucherons went on and on, always willing to come back to our school, because they love us so much, as we love them. The relationship continues to thrive and embrace more outcomes than we ever dreamed of.

    Ian and Gilbert became a part of my family. The Story of Canada and the influence of the Metis and Quebecois culture in the history of our country became confirmed and also entrenched in my school and my family. My house is adorned with the sash of the Metis , the spoons and dancing men which are picked up at every gathering of folks. My use of French became enhanced and my love of their music thrills me.

    Lynn Heath, past principal, Bonanza School


  3. I have networked with the company of Les Bucherons since I first became acquainted with them in 2005. I find their music theatre to be dynamic, energizing, and inspiring for all participants within the school community. When Les Bucherons members are present in the school for a residency or even a day performance, staff, students, AND parents are INVOLVED! Any performance with Les Bucherons is highly interactive, informative, and entirely curriculum related.

    Cross-curricular integration of activities reaches out to students on many levels, whether it be the arts as in the creation of Dancing Men; or movement, as in square dancing/jigging; French or First Nations/Metis Languages through song and story; Canadian history and culture… each activity serves to inspire students beyond the textbook and into the identity of who we are as Canadians!

    The addition of the Native American style flute and flute building workshops to the program is also a benefit of working with Les Bucherons, as this instrument provides children with a feeling of success, accomplishment and personal expression!

    Besides the Les Bucherons performances, I personally utilize CD’s, sashes and toques, maple syrup, dancing men, the musical saw, the spoons, and the Les Bucherons website to enhance my social studies curriculum in all grades. It has been a great collaboration – SYNERGY at its best!

    Janina Carlstad – Gr. 3-8 Social Studies, Language Arts, and Fine Arts Teacher, Peace Wapiti School Division # 76

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  1. Bianka Grenier

    Témoignage pour Les Bûcherons, février 2013

    À qui de droit:


    Permettez-moi de me présenter. Je suis Suzanne de Courville Nicol-Sawyer, née à Hull, Québec en 1949, élevée et éduquée en français à Ottawa. Je demeure dans l’ouest canadien depuis 1978.
    J’ai eu la chance d’assister à un des spectacles du groupe ‘Les Bûcherons’ en 1987 à Airdrie en Alberta, à l’école où ma fille Catherine, alors en première année, était inscrite au programme d’immersion.
    Je dois vous dire que le spectacle de Gilbert Parent et compagnie est venu me chercher par le coeur et a réveillé en moi tout ce qu’il y avait de racines et de vitalité francophones !
    Inspirée ainsi, cet événement fut un des éléments motivateur qui m’a menée dans les années à suivre, à m’impliquer profondément avec la francophonie de Calgary. À titre de bénévole depuis 1989, j’ai initié avec success, et continue de le faire, de multiples projets dont le but est toujours de faire le lien entre anglophones et francophones, dans une atmosphère de célébration de cette riche joie de vivre si contagieuse qui nous identifie.
    Gilbert Parent et Les Bûcherons font un travail extraordinaire depuis 30 ans et méritent tout appui que vous pouvez leur accorder.

    Qui sait combien d’autres ils auront inspirés ?

    Suzanne de Courville Nicol
    “Madame FRANCO-FUN”
    Intronisée à l’Ordre des Sages 2012 de l’Association canadienne française de l’Alberta

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