Apr 22

Avant Que J’oublie

Transforming Your Classroom Through Cultural Restoration

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Let “AvantQue J’oublie” help you…

  • Be the kind of teacher your students will fondly remember

  • Build community in your classroom

  • Restore culture

  • Enhance curriculum

  • Build confidence in yourself

  • Build confidence in your students

  • Turn language learning into an adventure

  • Restore etiquette

  • Show your students how to pass on oral tradition

  • Be motivated and inspired as an educator

  • Truly engage interest in learning

Revitalize your passion for teaching

Online program includes over 70 videos teaching :

20 songs in the call and response tradition

12 community dances

Wooden spoons rhythm patterns for each song

Video results of song, dance and spoons in Celebration

Strategy videos on technique and tricks of the trade

Downloadable PDF’s of lyrics and standard music notation

Downloadable mp3’s of music (vocals and rhythm tracks)

Online community and forum.

I just decided to jump into it with my students and we’ve never had so much fun before.

– Rachelle Cyr, Mary Butterworth School, Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Ian

    People have been coming from all around the world to live in Canada, this has been happening for hundereds of years. But for now, we will be looking at the story of Canada from a French perspective. Way back in 1534, there was a fella named Jacques Cartier and he set out on April 20, on a great adventure, across the Atlantic Ocean. In search of gold, spices and riches form the far east, however, he came across………

  2. Bianka Grenier

    Spent the last few days reading and incredible novel, I picked up a book at the used bookstore in Penticton, BC, called THE TRADE, by Fred Stenson.

    I’ve read about the Hudson’s Bay Company from many different angles, but this is the first time I read a novel about it. It starts right after the merger of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Company. The Mighty fur trade is such an excellent adventure in our Canadian History!

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